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Today: 5/24/16
All Day: Graduation Rehearsal


PAHS Finals Are Here!!!

Finals for non-graduating students will take place on Wednesday May 25th and Thursday May 26th from 8:30 AM to 12:35 PM.


NOTE: May 24th is a full school day and will run through 3:10PM as usual.


Good Luck.  


Mr. Campana

Recognition and Community Night

In the largest after-school gathering of students and parents in recent Peninsula history, our community came together last night to celebrate!  The Recognition and Community Night event saw an enthusiastic crowd of around 80 cheer on our students as they were recognized for achieving full fluency in English, maintaining the highest GPAs, perfect attendance, or excellence in an academic subject.  Generously catered by our local Taqueria Mi Durango, PAHS staff, and offerings from our community (thank you, Ms. Kim!), we learned about making healthy choices around food, within interpersonal relationships, and when accepting support from others.  Then, after an introduction from Principal Campana, the awards ceremony began!

Five bilingual students were recognized by being officially reclassified as fluent speakers of English.  A representative of the Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) program spoke about the progress so many of our students are making through FLY’s partnership with Peninsula.  Then we announced our senior Honor Roll and Merit Roll, praised those with perfect attendance records, and applauded the recipients of Academic Department awards!  Finally, as cake was served, families reflected upon their journeys to having students who are fully fluent or even graduating!  They spoke of having to push one another every day, of arguments and consistent support, and of the determination within their children.  Looking forward, they all recognized that this was not an ending, but a shift into searching for a next step; in the words of one insightful parent, “That was the preseason.  Now the real game begins!”

We cannot thank enough the efforts of everyone who helped make last night so magical.  Facilities staff for arranging and rearranging seating for 100 and for helping cool off the space after such a warm day, teachers for giving awards, and staff of all classes for moving, decorating, purchasing, cooking, arranging, designing, printing, and encouraging all of the necessary elements.  Thank you to our two assistant superintendents for joining us - you helped lift our simple awards to full recognition by the district of our students’ successes!  And, of course, thank you to our students and families for your day-to-day pushing and supporting.  Your successes help all of us appreciate the incredible work of education.


PAHS Gym Mural Has Arrived!!!

Our new mural for our gym has arrived and will be placed in its proper place in the upcoming weeks.  Artist Steve Untag was present and the first student to see the unveiling of his artwork.  Our Puma students leaving a lasting legacy.IMG_3089.jpg

Senior Finals May 16-19

A quick reminder that all of our seniors will be taking their finals this week in their classes.  If students miss their finals or need to complete additional work they will be withheld from participating in Senior Activites.


Mr. Campana

Senior Information Page

Information for graduating and non-graduating seniors is now available.  Click on the Seniors link here or above the News section towards the top right portion of this webpage.

FLY Program Graduation and Mock Trial at Santa Clara University

Final 2015-16 PAHS Community Night Ends with Success


Tuesday, April 19th, at the San Mateo Adult School was our last Community Night of the year.  Families, students, and staff attended this educational event that included an ELAC meeting, dinner, and a conversation on the topic  "Straight Talk: Successfully speaking with your adolescent about difficult topics"  This is a quick reminder that on Thursday, May 5th, at at Peninsula Alternative High School at 300 Piedmont Avenue in San Bruno is our ELAC Meeting from 3:15 - 4:00 PM.  Another upcoming event is Tuesday, May 17th, at Peninsula Alternative High School at 300 Piedmont Avenue in San Bruno:

  PAHS Community Night - "Finding the Future: Choosing and planning your path beyond high school"

  ELD Reclassification Ceremony

  Senior Awards Night


For further details, contact either Max Bernstein or Carlos Nolasco.


Thank you to everyone again for attending and being a part of the PUMA Family.


Ron Campana




El jueves, Cinco de Mayo, en la escuela “Peninsula Alternative High School” en el "300 Piedmont Avenue" en San Bruno:

  3:15-4:15 - Reunión de ELAC


El martes 17 de mayo en la escuela “Peninsula Alternative High School” en el "300 Piedmont Avenue" en San Bruno:

  "PAHS Community NIght" - "Descubriendo el Futuro: La elección y la planificación de su metas después de la secundaria"

  Ceremonia de E.L.D. Reclasificación

  Reconocimiento de los Bachilleres


Para más detalles, póngase en contacto con cualquiera de Max Bernstein o Carlos Nolasco.

Fun Friday's at PAHS

IMG_2934 2.JPG

On Friday, April 15th students were taught basic skills and strategy of playing chess.  Discussions were had with how this game of strategy could be used as parallels to improve their academic and emotional well-being.  Many students took on the challenge with our staff. 

PAHS Community Night Report

Since March already had a family event with our Open House, we opted to have a shorter PAHS Community Night directly afterward. As always, we began with a healthy and educational dinner, this time ...more

ELAC, Open House, and Community Night March 10th



Thank you to everyone who attended our ELAC, Open House, or Community Night.  All three were a big success due to staff, student, family, and community members involvement.  It was great to see so many get involved in building the future for our students.  The drawings are finalist for our new mural to be painted in our gym.  Winner will be selected prior to spring break.  Go Pumas!!!


Mr. Campana

PAHS science students building earthquake structures

 To see more photos go to:

PAHS Community Night is growing!

Yesterday’s PAHS Community Night event was a great success!  Huge thanks go out to our student, Amairani Lopez Sandoval who provided fantastic volunteer childcare, Jesse Warshauer and the culinary arts program students for preparing a delicious and healthy meal, Miranda Duncan from StarVista’s Insights program for the informative and engaging presentation on addressing issues of substance use, Carlos Nolasco for his tireless efforts at both outreach and translation, and, of course, all of the students, families and staff who joined together last night.

The space provided by the San Mateo Adult School had everything we could want (especially with the additional efforts of Cynthia Holmes and Clarissa Maliga in ensuring the dinner was well presented and efficiently cleared away) and proved to be a convenient location for many of our families.  Participants loaded their plates with fresh mango and pineapple with dried cranberries, pesto penne pasta with cauliflower and grated parmesan, bread and butter, and roast chicken, washing it down with apple juice. Families appreciated the healthy meal provided as well as, given the evening’s topic, learning about the (mild) psychotropic effects of the chocolate dessert.  The Counseling Department introduced ourselves and the evening’s schedule before moving into the presentation from StarVista’s Miranda Duncan.


Questions about the prevalence and effects of drug usage among adolescents prompted a discussion about how teens obtain substances from which they are legally prohibited.  Drug facts were shared as were personal stories and concerns about how to maintain a message of abstaining from drug usage in a society where casual usage is open and accepted.  We considered the notion that addiction could be countered by interpersonal connections.  The conversation then shifted format as participants were moved into a circle, introducing our Restorative Practices and allowing everyone a chance to share their questions, observations, worries, and hopes.  Several statements recognized the positive influence our students receive from their teachers as well as the benefit of gathering as a community, allowing caregivers to meet their students’ peers and those who are raising them.

There were 26 students, family, and staff members who participated, not including our 3 Counseling Department staffers nor those in the childcare room.  The students and families represented the full range of our school’s diversity in terms of academic abilities, behavioral management, socioeconomic status, culture, and geography. In addition, 20 feedback forms were returned with 8 volunteering to help with future community events.

We will be aiming to have these events on a monthly basis, once more here at Peninsula and twice more at the Adult School.  As soon as dates are agreed upon, announcements will go out here and through the district office.

Students Consider Their Future at our Fun Friday's Event

With the collaboration of our certificated and classified staff we were able to put together another great Fun Friday event.  Students learned about career choices, life experiences, and decision making from District Counselor Bettina Graf, District Maintenance/Locksmith Martin Sanders, and former PAHS graduate Class of 2007 Charles Baker.  Thank you to all of them for donating their time, helping educate our students, and making a difference in their lives. 

Fresh Lifelines for Youth Supporting Our Students

I would like to thank the Fly Law Program for their help and support working with our students. FLY's mission is to prevent juvenile youth from making bad choices through legal education, leadership training, and one-on-one mentoring.  This program gives our students life skills to become positive community leaders.   This picture was taken on the day twenty-five students completed a twelve week course and received their certificates.

Samtrans Bus Service Available

Samtrans is offering bus service from our school daily.  The Bus is #141 and will arrive at PAHS at 3:20 Monday thru Friday.  Any questions see Ms. Maliga in the health office.

Building a Strong Puma Community is a Success

Thank you to all the families and participants of our First Annual "Building a Strong Puma Community."  Parents/Guardians were able to learn more about our programs and vision, visit classrooms of their choosing, and ask questions to a panel of both site and district personnel.  The day's events were topped off with a delicious lunch provided by our culinary department.  If you could not make today's event, stay tuned and there will be more opportunities to get involved in the Spring.  Take care.  If you have any questions please contact Mr. Campana at (650) 558-2400 or for En Espanol, Carlos Nolasco at (650) 558-2427.
Mr. Campana



New Bus Schedule

2016 PAHS Bus Schedule


Mr. James Daily




Stop Location


Laurelwood Shopping Center, S.M.


E. Hillsdale Blvd. & Curtis St., S.M. (NW corner)


El Camino Real & 31st Ave., S.M. (east side of ECR)


El Camino Real & 20th Ave., S.M. (NE corner)


El Camino Real & 9th Ave., S.M. (SE corner)


S. Delaware St. & 16th Ave., S.M. (NE corner)


S. Delaware St. & 5th Ave., S.M. (NE corner)


N. Delaware St. & Monte Diablo Ave., S.M. (NE corner)


San Mateo Dr. & E. Bellevue Ave., S.M. (NE corner)



Mr. Richard So




Stop Location


Beach Park Blvd. & Foster City Blvd., F.C. (at St. Lukes Church)


Foster City Blvd. & Polynesia Dr., F.C.


E. Hillsdale Blvd. & Edgewater Blvd., F.C. (NW corner)


S. Norfolk St. & E. Hillsdale Blvd., S.M. (NE corner)


S. Norfolk St. & Susan Ct., S.M.


S. Norfolk St. & Kehoe Ave., S.M. (NE corner)


S. Norfolk St. & Shoreview Ave., S.M. (NE corner)


N. Kingston & & Monte Diablo Ave., S.M.


California Dr. & Howard Ave., Burl. (NE corner)


California Dr. & Oak Grove Ave., Burl. (NE corner)


California Dr. & Broadway, Burl.


El Camino Real & Meadow Glen Ave., Milbrae


Jenevein Ave. & Elm, San Bruno


Student Voter Registration is here!

If a puma student is going to turn 18 by the end of May 2016, this is your opportunity to register to vote.  Simply go to  Follow the directions or see Mr. Campana if you have questions.

PAHS Improvements!!!!

Check out the pictures of our Center Court and atrium improvements.  This was work on our courtyard on Saturday October 24th.  These are Boy Scouts working on their Eagle Scout badges donating their time.  The materials such as soil, plants, paint, and cement were all donated by Osh Millbrae and the manager Joseph Conroy.  The boy scouts also removed all sorts of pine needles around our campus, debris, and swept the front of our school.  A big thank you to Osh Millbrae and the Boy Scouts who without their help and support this would not be possible.    They also removed all sorts of pine needles around our campus, debris, and swept the front of our school.  Stay tuned as we will begin work on building a Green House on Saturday October 31st.  Thanks again to everyone involved.  Go Pumas!!!!IMG_2694.JPG

Mr. Campana

Watch and Learn More about PAHS

Watch the Short Film "I Am Peninsula"
In an effort to educate the community about the amazing students, teachers, and programs of Peninsula Alternative High School, the District team made a short documentary-style film about this small, but powerful school up on the San Bruno Hills. This film features the bold students of Peninsula High, who stepped forward to tell the real story of Peninsula. Watching this film will better inform you of the power of Peninsula, which rests in the hands of determined students and passionate teachers who work daily to create bright futures. Watch the film and really come to understand Peninsula Alternative High School.  AHORA EN ESPANOL
Thank you.
Principal Ron Campana

The San Mateo Union High School District believes - all students have the right to participate fully in the educational process, free from discrimination and harassment. These rights are assured to students by CA Education Code Section 200 and Penal Code Section 422.55.


NEW!!! 2016 Graduation and other important information is now on our Seniors page!


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Health Van

The Teen Health Van will be here!!! Stay Tuned for Upcoming Dates

Please sign up with Mrs. Maliga at the Health Office.  

It is first come first serve.  


The Health Van will be located in the rear parking lot.
The Teen Health Van comes every 3rd Tuesday of the month.